A note from Sam Hodges and Sophie Vickers

couple with suitcase letterpressIn a city as vibrant and vast as London, it can be tricky to find date ideas that feel spontaneous and effortlessly original, and its often easier to stay in and watch a box set. This book posits simply that there are adventures to be had on your doorstep, and discovery is inherently romantic. In researching this book and going on our own adventures around London, from Mudchute to Twickenham, Highgate to Crystal Palace, we found that it was the stories, sights and characters that we stumbled across that sparked our conversation, laughter and intrigue. The idea behind this book is simply to provide a few starting points, from which to wander off and do your own thing. And the gesture doesn’t have to be big. The ideal evening might well be some drinks down your local pub. It just might be that the bench outside your local has a plaque on it that tells a story which you can share.

Sam Hodges and Sophie Vickers are Londoners working in film and theatre. They recently got married.